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    Thanks to the 15 minute meditation yesterday towards raising the political/election consciousness, and thanks to Dulcie’s medication this morning. The following came to me during this morning’s meditation:

    Everything that’s happening is a God Activity. It may appear to us to be demonstrating Harmony or it may appear to us to be driving us towards enlightenment, but it is a God Activity!

    All of the stuff about Angels and enlighten masters helping us towards fifth dimension and higher consciousnesses is just the way the unfolding of awareness of God appears to us. The need for help, and help being given, the need for Grace, and Grace being given, are the appearance of a mechanism behind the unfolding of Awareness, because we need a mechanism at our level of awareness.

    Actually all the levels of awareness of Presence are already here, and they are all awarenesses of infinite Good, but at our level of only being capable of finite concepts of good, the finite concepts imply/contain all the finite concepts of not good.

    Trump is a caricature of the male power ego: I can do anything and I am right. “I can grab them by the p___!”

    Hillary is a caricature of the suppressed angry woman needing power ego. I must do whatever is necessary, regardless of its integrity, to get out of this powerlessness. She is the reflection of the arrogant, self-centered, male ego, which Trump exemplifies, and which brings about what she is caricaturizing.

    And it’s all God activity, moving us towards enlightenment by showing us what doesn’t work, which includes arrogance, power, anger, suppression, and our current (arrogant, power-mad, suppressive, angry) political system.

    Our part is to stay within, knowing it’s all God, as we witness the unfolding of awareness of God.

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