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    Since believing is seeing, the best way to change our experience is to change our beliefs, change the content of our consciousness. Since chub is constantly, both overtly and subliminally, tempting us to believe what hula believes, the best way to change the content of our consciousness is to keep at least some part of our mind immersed in Truth. We need God to be the activity of our consciousness. The 22 minute practice is one very good way to do this. Add a sentence or two of Truth to the “I love yous”, such as “only God is,” or “God is already fulfilled,” at the end. Also, of course, the more time we spend in morning meditation, and other meditations throughout the day, and the deeper we go, the more our consciousness changes.

    God is not present as an activity in our consciousness except as an activity of our consciousness. We bring the activity of God into our experience in proportion as we bring God alive in our consciousness.

    We must bring to conscious realization the presence of God within us. Our good comes to us as an activity of our consciousness, an activity of truth in our consciousness; our discords and our disharmonies come through leaving God out of our consciousness, through not recognizing God as an activity of our own being.

    By recognizing “I and my Father are one,” or “God is within me,” we bring the divine presence into active expression in our lives.

    Joel says “Only those who abide in the Spirit, in the Truth of Being, bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. Those who live in the world of things bring forth the things of human belief.

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