Conscious Energy Fields (CEFs )

God/Consciousness can be thought about as an infinitely complex, infinitely dimensional, unlimited, eternal, coherent, entangled, self-sustaining energy field. Coherent means it holds together. Entangled mean all tied up together and mutually interdependent, every part affecting all parts. Self-sustaining means that it will continue the way it is until some outside force is brought to bear on it or disturb it (and, with respect to God, there are no such forces—God is eternally unchanging.

Within this infinite CESSEF are individual sub-energy fields, which are themselves coherent, entangled and self-sustaining, and also entangled with, and therefore dependent upon, the greater CESSEF, which is also dependent on them. An individualization of God/Consciousness is a CESSEF.

Each CESSEF has an overall vibrational frequency which characterizes it, although sub-CESSEFs may have different (both higher and lower) vibrational frequencies.
CESSEFs that have similar frequencies resonate with each other, forming resonating groups. Groups sustain the members of the group, which sustain the group.
A CESSEF’s entanglement is with itself, and with all sub and super CESSEFs and resonating groups which it belongs to or contains, and with all their sub and super CESSEFs and resonating groups.

CESSEFs are self-sustaining, and will continue unchanged until influenced by the introduction of some other energy. This is called inertia.

More strongly vibrating CESSEFs tend to bring weaker CESSEFs to their frequency.
Larger resonating groups of CESSEFs are stronger than smaller resonating groups.
Higher frequencies are stronger than lower frequencies. CESSEFs influence other CESSEFs proportionally to how close in frequency they are and to their difference in strength.

God’s frequency and strength are infinite, so there is an overall tendency within all the sub-CESSEFs and resonating groups (i.e., within the entire universe) towards higher frequencies.

Now, with respect to kid work: Each individualization (each of us) is a CESSEF, containing one or more sub-CESSEFs, which are our kids. Traumatic events can be seen as events which are so disturbing to the overall CESSEF that they must be isolated by forming a sub-CESSEF, so the overall CESSEF does not lower its vibrations rate or become completely unstable and disintegrate. These sub-CSSEPs are our self-sustaining, traumatized kids.